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Amazon Web Services

There are a lot of services to choose from at Amazon Web Services.

  • Amazon EC2 provides resizable compute capacity in the cloud. It is designed to make web-scale computnig easier for developers. Read how Obama’s tech team built a “force multiplier” with Amazon and a narwhal.
  • Amazon S3 is a storage service intended for high data transfer (in or out) needs. It’s a bit pricey at $128/month for 1TB. But now there’s an alternative, as AWS flicks switch for S3-to-Glacier migration.
  • Amazon Glacier is a cheaper storage service more suitable for data archiving or backup. 1TB will set you back $10/month.
  • Amazon RDS lets you put a relational database in the cloud.
  • Amazon DynamoDB can handle your non-relational Big Data needs.
  • Amazon SimpleDB provides the core database functions of data indexing and querying in the cloud.
  • Amazon SQS is a reliable, highly scalable hosted queue in the cloud.
  • Amazon SES is a cloud email service for businesses or developers.
  • Amazon SNS is a notification service for the cloud.
  • Amazon SWF is a workflow service which helps you coordinate the processing steps in your applications and manage their distributed execution state. Using Amazon SWF, you can build applications that scale efficiently, are tolerant to partial failures and are truly distributed.
  • Amazon Route 53 is a highly available and scalable DNS service designed to give developers and businesses an extremely reliable and cost effective way to route end users to Internet applications.
  • Amazon CloudFront is a content delivery service. It delivers your content using a global network of edge locations and works seamlessly with Amazon S3 which durably stores the original, definitive versions of your files.
  • Amazon VPC is a virtual private cloud.
  • Amazon Elastic MapReduce is a Map/Reduce service.

To get some idea of what these services might cost, try the AWS Simple Monthly Calculator.